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Has your classic or muscle car seen better days? Restore its former glory with help from the specialists in auto restoration Bogota, NJ trusts. Backed by over 30 years of experience, we will get your vehicle back to its original condition using proven restoration processes and high-quality parts. Rest assured, we will meet your highest expectations! Contact us today for the auto restoration car owners utilize.

Our Services

We are a fabrication shop that excels in assisting your wants and needs in personalizing your car.  We offer a variety of services that include (but not limited to): Auto Restoration,  Fabrication, Rust Repair, and Motorcycle Painting.  

Rust and Frame Repair

Unsightly rust not only negatively impacts your car's visual appeal, but can also degrade the frame. Know that you can count on us to fix it all.

Auto Restoration and Fabrication

Get your classic or muscle car restored to its original condition by the professionals in car restoration. Our 30+ years of experience ensures exceptional results!

Motorcycle Painting

Add a personal touch to your motorcycle with custom painting provided by our experts. You can expect precision-quality work and a long-lasting finish.


I took in my 2002 Chevy Silverado which was a rust bucket and I picked up a pristine 2022 work of art! I cannot believe the transformation. Bob is an absolute miracle worker. I cannot thank you enough! Good man! 10/26/2022

Edward M Chevy Silverado Owner

Bob and his crew did an Incredible job restoring my 99 BMW M3. When other shops said no, Bob said Yes, bring it down. 2/16/2022

Jay Njbw M Car Owner

Recommended Great shop if you want to restore your vehicle to its former glory 2/16/2022

Alex B Car Owner

I’m so glad that Bob is returning to his true calling. His skills always exceed expectations. Bob has painted 4 of my motorcycles.

Jack Q Car Owner

Bob's work is top notch! The attention to detail, and precision in the work is just amazing! My 2008 Ford Expedition came back looking brand new, all the rust is gone! Thank you! 02/05/2023

P. C. Expedition Owner

I own the 1957 Thunderbird featured on the website. Bob and his crew have done an amazing job restoring it to its former glory. I never thought it would turn out so beautiful! Bob is a master restorer and easy to work with. I am so lucky to have found him! I highly recommend Lloyd's Restoration Garage. 03/11/2023

Susan M. Car Owner

Bob and his team at Lloyd’s Restoration Garage are truly amazing craftsmen! They did an incredible job on my almost 20 year old rusted out Dodge Dakota. Bob kept me informed throughout the process and their level of detail is second to none! He stands by his word which is hard to find these days. No question, top notch. Look no further I highly recommend them! 5/4/2023

Mike V Truck Owner

Wow! Bob and his team did an amazing job on my 1971 Triumph TR6. He kept me up to date on everything he was doing, and the job came out WAY better than I'd ever imagined. What's clear is that everyone working here loves cars, and they love working on them. Trust these guys with your car -- you won't be sorry! 5/15/2023

Parker W Car Owner

Review Lloyd’s Garage Bogota, NJ August 9, 2023 When the flatbed pulled up to my driveway in October 2022 and winched my 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser onto the bed, I figured it would be the last time I saw that vehicle. I purchased the Land Cruiser as a second owner in 2013 and babied it for every one of the 125,000 miles that I added to the 75,000 already on it. I always wanted a late model 100 series and had searched for the right one for years. After 9+ years of ownership, I felt I was about to lose a family member. Around 2021, the effects of a declining and rusting underbody began to show themselves. Brakes and hydraulic systems were failing; the frame had stability issues, and each person that worked on the Land Cruiser wanted to Jerry-rig a solution to address the immediate issue delaying the inevitable. The vehicle had been seen by two local Toyota dealers (one who sold the Landcruiser to the original owner in 2007 and another who maintained my other Toyotas’); both determined the fix was not worth the effort or money. The exterior paint and body were perfect, the engine ran strong, and the transmission shifted smoothly. Still, the dreaded Toyota underbody rust was about to take another great vehicle off the road. While searching the Facebook groups for ideas, I came across a review that someone had written mentioning Lloyd's Garage in Bogota, NJ and that Bob, the owner, and his team, had done great work to bring his 1999 Land Cruiser back from the brink. His review provided hope to what seemed to be a hopeless situation. I had nothing to lose. I called Bob at Lloyd’s Garage, and surprisingly, within days, Bob came over to my house to look at the Land Cruiser, so we didn't have to tow it there and tow it back if it was a hopeless case. After looking under the truck for a bit, Bob said he would take it on and was confident he could get the Land Cruiser back on the road for another 100K+ miles at a reasonable cost. I didn’t know what to think. Was this guy for real? I was working with a budget, and the only incentive I could offer was time – as I had already purchased another Toyota, allowing him to fit in the work as he could with no deadline attached. For the next few months, Bob and his team at Lloyd’s Garage dedicated themselves to rebuilding the underbody, fabricating new parts, cleaning old parts, and replacing parts with authentic Toyota parts. Bob’s relationship with the service team at Hackensack Toyota (who are also terrific) gave me the confidence that the job was being done correctly. Fast forward to last week, when after almost a year and a half since I took the Land Cruiser off the road, Bob and I took it out for its first official run. I don’t know who was smiling more – me or Bob. And the truck performed amazingly well. Bob and his team had transformed my Land Cruiser to its rightful place as a daily driver. During the months that Bob and his team worked on the Land Cruiser, I would speak to him every other week to ensure he had what he needed and to discuss decisions that needed to be made. Every message was immediately responded to, every call was collaborative, and I was optimistic that the truck would return in fantastic shape. And Lloyds Garage delivered. It was a big job. Bob included over 170 before and after photos of everything they did, provided me with parts receipts, and was fair with the labor costs. There were unexpected challenges along the way, but each was handled professionally, and the outcome was better than expected. The service experience throughout the process was A+, and the promise of a long-term partner to help me keep this vehicle on the road made it all worthwhile. Bob and his team at Lloyd’s Garage are a pleasure to work with. He leads his business with passion and enthusiasm. His love for restoring old cars and trucks is evident in his shop, his team (many of whom have been with him for years), and his work. Bob loves what he does – repairing vehicles, restoring memories, and keeping dreams alive. Congratulations, and thank you to Bob and the Lloyd's Garage team for a job well done!

Jim L. Owner

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